Why should we work with Exact Components?

A.)  Exact Components offers 50 years of knowledge, experience, and service that can save you time and money. Our team understands your expectations and can communicate them to our principals, creating a more efficient process. Our committed principal relationships make it easier to secure competitive prices for our customers and ensure clear communication regarding production and delivery. You will not need to assemble your own sourcing team.

What type of Data Transfer or CAD Files do you work from?

A.) Almost all of our Principals can work with CAD files and Solid Models, and we can also work with 2-D drawings. Ask your sales rep about the best way to transfer data to be quoted and manufactured. We can accommodate most customers preferred methods (STL, DXF, IGES or posting to an FTP site).

What is your standard quote lead-time?

A.) With a complete RFQ we can usually quote in a week or less, however, missing data on volume, material, drawing specs, heat treatment and finishing can delay processing your RFQ.

Who should I send my RFQ too?

A.) Exact Components

I am not sure if this is the best process for my part, what should I do?

A.) Your Exact Component representative is familiar with most manufacturing disciplines, and can help you diagnose your application and make recommendations best suited for the parts you want to process.

Do you offer prototyping?

A.) Yes, depending on the process we offer multiple options for prototypes. It is important that you evaluate the type of prototypes needed, time to market, engineering time, etc. In many cases, we can have a production part for you in a short amount of time.

What certifications do you have? Flight certified?

A.) Nadcap, ISO, TS, Commercial Nuclear, ASME Sec III, QSC, Navy Nuclear, AS9100, etc.

Are your principals approved to supply major OEMs in Aerospace, Power Generation, Defense, Scientific, Industrial and Commercial markets?

A.) Yes, all are approved.