Long-term commitment to the engineered components industry
Strength and quality of principal relationships
Competent and prompt technical support
Direct customer attention through three dedicated sales offices

  • Our management team has over 40 years of combined experience in the engineered component industry, bringing long-term stability and continuity of service to customers and principals.
  • Our sales team is committed to your project from the RFQ stage to the delivery of the product, making sure the project is on track with the original plan.
  • Exact Components offers knowledge, experience, and service that can save you time and money. Our team understands your expectations and can streamline the communications with our principals, making it a more efficient process. Additionally, our committed supplier relationships make it easier to secure competitive prices for our customers and ensure clear communication regarding production and delivery, which eliminates the non value added follow up.
  • Our manufacturing companies which are “best in class” in their industry offer comprehensive lean manufacturing/management practices. This translates into customers experiencing the fastest production lead times, total quality management, total lowest cost of ownership.
  • Our principal company relationships are solid and we have a unique collaborative approach with our customers and principals, providing pro-active technical support throughout the manufacturing process. Working with over sixteen different industries, we have experienced continued success in managing the most demanding engineering applications.
  • We operate a state-of-the-art sales organization with a competent support staff through our three sales offices in MA, CT,  and Montreal.
  • With a highly skilled and dedicated sales team covering the New England, lower NY, NJ, and the Eastern Canadian markets, we offer principals a local presence and customers a local contact for prompt responsiveness and technical support.
  • We have benefited from our long-term principal relationships, consistent customer relationships, and successful customer referral program, having acquired recognized industry respect and support.